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Founded in 2008, SmartKiosks assists clients with turnkey projects from the most basic to the most advanced kiosk systems. Wholly unique as a full-service kiosk provider, we leverage over 50 years of management experience in manufacturing, operations, technology, programming, design and integration, and marketing/sales support.

Our approach is about giving the best value in kiosk solutions, stretching budgets and saving time for our diverse clients. We provide a full complement of kiosk services as every project merits the very best in kiosk hardware, software and systems implementation.

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History of Developing

4 th Quarter ’"2009"

Over the last 6 months we have been busy working with our manufacturing partner "Semifab" to Complete the re-design of the new LaptopsAnytime kiosk. We have made improvements in both hardware and software.

1st Quarter ’"2010"

Interactive "Single Concept" Training SmartKIOSKS designed to provide interactive employee training and reduce workman's compensation. Training modules provided by partner W. Kent Jessee & Associates.